Quality and health

Our MOBA machine checks each egg to verify its shell strength and to look for hairline cracks and dirt. We also carry out a critical inspection in our laboratory. In each delivery, we inspect a batch of 180 eggs for breakage, hairline cracks, dirt and yolk colour. If the eggs deviate from the standard based on these indicators, we investigate the cause. We also look at how quality can be improved.

Better by Nature Graan bundel

Better by nature Een slogan die we waarmaken

Kwetters is one of Europe’s leading egg suppliers. A family business by nature, Kwetters has established long-standing partnerships with poultry farmers. With three packing stations—in Veen and Ede in the Netherlands and Sülzetal in Germany—and around 300 employees, we monitor the entire process from production, to the delivery to our customers, which include retail organisations and the egg-processing industry in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We focus carefully on quality and reliability of supply and strive for sustainable production of eggs. Better by Nature.

Moba works together to improve egg grading. We have been doing this for years with Kwetters.
Manufacturer of grading, packaging and processing machines
Supplier for over 75 years

Rianne Bouman


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