Sustainable products produced to high animal welfare standards

Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable products produced to high animal welfare standards, even when it comes to eggs and egg products. Kwetters only supplies barn eggs, free-range eggs and organic eggs. All of our hens are kept according to animal welfare standards. They have ample space in which to roam freely and enjoy healthy feed. We deliver on plastic trays, which we reuse. Every egg that we sell is traceable, all the way back to the barn.

Market developments

We respond promptly to trends. We monitor market developments on the basis of up-to-date data. This enables us to accurately predict what market demand will be over the coming years. We then use that information to make decisions about our product range. This is how we have remained and continue to remain at the forefront of quality and reliability.

Coloured eggs

Our coloured boiled eggs are great fun for Easter and for any other day on which you have something to celebrate. We supply party eggs in a range of colours and in a festive, transparent box.

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Free-range eggs

Free-range eggs of reliable quality. Delivered to retail and industry as agreed. Discover the possibilities and place an order!

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Quail eggs

Quail eggs for retail. Honest products with our own KAW quality mark. Discover the possibilities and place an order!

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Organic eggs

Eggs from organic hens, intended for retail and industry. In any packaging desired, with the European ‘organic’ logo. Discover the possibilities!

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Barn eggs

Barn eggs for retail and industry. Our hens are free to roam the barn, which is bathed in natural daylight.

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Egg types

An egg is pure nature, full of nutrients and with a low calorie content. And an egg is also very tasty. Kwetters is a supplier of barn eggs, free-range eggs, organic eggs and quail eggs.

Sales Department

Looking for an egg supplier that is loyal, progressive and reliable? A supplier that focuses on quality and innovation? Let’s get to know one another.